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I just want some Steeldrums...

I like tropical songs, so I've been trying to make one by myself in caustic, but I would like to add some Steeldrums, and I haven't found them, so if anyone reads this please help me I really want them...

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Look up "GM sf2" on Google,

Search for "GM sf2", "GM soundfont", "general midi sf2" and/or "general midi soundfont" in Google and download it. If you have a Windows computer you can also search for one there, they usually come with Microsoft software for paying midi files. Open up a PCMsynth in Caustic and click on Select instrument. When you open the file there will be a dialog box with a whole bunch of instruments, percussion and sound fx. There should be a reasonable steel drum patch in there.

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Haven't you check some of

Haven't you check some of them in the Ultimate Soundfont Pack?