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Novation LaunchKey Mini mk3 is perfect for Caustic!

Hi guys.. I just want to tell you that the Novation LaunchKey Mini mk3 is a the perfect partner for Caustic. I use it with an OTG cable on my Android smartphone.

This is what you can do from the keyboard:

You have 6 midi mappable buttons (2 of them need shift) . I use them for:

1. move rack up
2. move rack down
(This is very handy, I record in grid mode so I can quickly adjust notes or use the undo button. This back-and-fort is so much easier than using the rack ‘rails’ on the left of the screen)

3. play
4. stop
5. record
6. move back 1 measure in the sequencer (so I could use 1 button more on the Launckey to midi map '1 measure forward')

I use 8 pads (very sensitive - good veloicty) to trigger the BeatBox pads..

You can browse presets! (use shift for prgm change)

It also has a advanced arpeggiator..

Overall, It’s a really great product!

(And Caustic is brilliant - Rej is a genius...)
















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I think you should be able to

I think you should be able to use over bluetooth too ( if it's BLE ... there should not be any noticable lag )