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Damn, I lost the .caustic-file of this track: Just a little sympathy, please. :,D

Hi every1,

I'm the new one. 34yo/m/from Germany.

I'd like to introduce myself to the community with the following track. The track I want you to show exists only on YouTube anymore, because my Galaxy S7 got seriously damaged, Spiderman-App (touch and display) is now BLACK and DEAD.

So I unfortunately lost the latest, not backuped, caustic-files, there's imo no way to access all the data.

To remember this fallen (still incomplete) track, I decided to share it on YT and finally found this board. (NO, I did not look around on this site before. Just got caustic and got started. zwinkern)


So I hope I'm allowed to post this YT link in here and that you'll like the sound. constructive criticism welcome.

Another .caustic-file will follow soon.


And here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzQplaPTGsw


Greetings from Germany and thanks for your attention.