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Caustic Song

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Hi dears! I'm new to Caustic and for the past two weeks I have been working on a Caustic project. I uploaded the song here, please help me make it something less annoying, especially on the bass part. I appreciate your help, thanks in advance

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I liked the raggae feel to

I liked the raggae feel to the song, so I dubbed out the bass since you said that was mainly the part that annoyed you.  The whole song was mostly samples, so I put a synth in there to give it some variety.  You can play with the rate on the mini-lfo to give it a different feel, and if you automate it, you can change that vibe in different parts of the song.

What it really needs it VOCALS, but I know most don't want to jump into that shark tank.  I would add some for you, but being a white guy from America singing dub raggae I would probably get crucified by some woke kool-ade drinker. cheeky

Caustic Song file (optional):