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Group collab - help me remake sunlight by modestep!

Ive been looking at some older dubstep songs, and one a really like is sunlight by modestep. and it sound really caustic-y, if that makes any sense. i feel like i can remake all the sound in there with only caustic. The scream bass at the drop could use the 8bit synth, the drums sound a lot like the stock kit named "DUBSTEP", the growl could be made with the subsynth, and the wobble sounds like a modular to me. why not we work together and try to remake it? 

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Probably nice, I might

Probably nice, I might provide you some pre made dubstep growl sample packs that I made from the song "Rhombus," which is made from random synth even from the one made in the SubSynth.