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External audio output doesn’t work on iOS

Hey guys, i have this strange problem on iOS. I can only use my phone speakers as audio output, when I plug in external speakers or headphones they disconnet automatically and music plays from the phone speakers. Am I the only one with this issue? Is there a fix?

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Please Update this.


Please I don't have wired iPhone headphones lying around, since they moved away from having an audio jack. Even the lightning connector headphones are a pain preventing charging while using them. The only fix was to use the airpods to allow use of headphones while charging, but it didn't work for caustic. crying 

I know it's been a problem since the airpods started being used instead of wired headphones. I'm just bumping this thread because it's important to address.

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I just stumbled on the solution, today. Here's what you need to do to get caustic to play through your wireless headphones on iOS , for free.

The iPhone update comes packed with  the garage band app. Start this.

  1. Create a new song
  2. Add an audio recorder instrument
  3. Select the cable icon on the channel input
  4. Select inter-app audio 
  5. Select instrument
  6. Choose the caustic icon
  7. Tap the caustic icon next to the cable icon on the input
  8. This will launch caustic
  9. add an instrument and play some music. It will play through your headphones

feel free to contact me if you need more guidance on this matter.