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SD card no longer accessible

Can't upload samples to the pcm synth on my Samsung A52 5g. It's gotta either be the phone or Android 12. Because I could upload my samples on any other phone I've ever had after configuring to allow root browsing in the configuration settings. Any one else having this issue on a newer phone or android operating system that has a fix for this!!!??? Please!!!

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Same with me, the problem

Same with me, the problem still assists.

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i updated my phone to android

i updated my phone to android 11 from android 10 before and lost my sd card access too. ive read that sd card access does get inaccessible to android 11 and up, i just ended up moving all my files to the local storage :)

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Like the person above said,

Like the person above said, it's an Android thing as opposed to a Caustic issue.

Its yet another thing dumming down the use of mobile devices.

First it was weakening of the glass. Nice tough glass on Galaxy S and S2

Smartphone manufacturers = Nope. If you crack the glass we can sting you for more money for a replacement. So Galaxy S3 onwards had shatter and crack glass.

Then, it was removable batteries. If I knew I was going out and about all day and would be using my phone a lot, then I would take 2 extra batteries out with me.

Smartphone manufacturers = Nope. You will be satisfied with a very slightly better removable battery.

So now I have to carry a portable charger.

Then, users no longer content with 32g internal storage, which is really about 12g internal storage started buying SD cards.

Then they removed the SD card slot and users went, er no,actually.

So instead they offered slightly bigger internal storage, or double but for an extra £200

Users be like .....hmmmm £200 for an extra 64g internal storage or £30 for an extra 128g external storage.

Realising that this left them unable to &rse r&pe users into spending even more, they had a word with the Android developers and from Android 11, the SD card is less usable.

No explanation, the only reason people know is that some app developers have released statements to stop reviewers giving them low scores for removing functionality.

Don't even get me started on 5G

Can anyone remember 3G ?

Then HSPA+ ?

Then 4g and for a few months 4g was incredible. As fast as a one user WiFi.

Then 4g started to get reeeeaallllly slow. As slow as 3g even. Even though more masts were going up.

Oh....it's because so many people are using it, they said.

Or was it because they deliberately throttled down 4g over several Android updates. To make people think they needed 5g

So then they brought out 5g, which I believe is 4g with the filter removed.

Why would they do this? ,To sell more units.

Rant over