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What happened to the developer?

Do they have a social media account? A youtube? A personal website? I'd like to know what they're up to

Ali Celis
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Good question, I wonder the

Good question, I wonder the same ;-;

SToons Music
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Rej commented here very

Rej commented here very recently in the thread asking about the font used in Caustic so he's clearly still around and sees forum comments from time to time. From my recollection, a few years ago he stepped aside from Caustic citing more important priorities in his life such as family. I think that shows that for now if he wished to discuss whether Caustic would be updated, or if he potentially would create a different app, it's something he doesn't openly choose to discuss right now. I think we should respect that decision and just be happy with Caustic as it is. Or find an alternative/alternatives.

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I'm not too sure when Rej

I'm not too sure when Rej will come back but hopefully he might hear us with the future of the caustic app.


He doesn't come back very often from what I'm seeing.


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I tried everything but

I tried everything but nothing is like caustic. I even recently bought Audio Evolution but it sucks you have to pay more money to have the complete experience. I like to try things before buying em. Caustic developer(s) gained my trust doe, I would surely buy more from them. What about the physical synth they made? Is it for sale?

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I just wish Rej the best, and

I just wish Rej the best, and if he chooses to not work on Caustic anymore, that he hopefully decides to make it open-source, so we can keep the project alive.