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How to use wireless headphones with Caustic on iOS

Caustic is incompatible with wireless headphones on iOS; a major problem for many users. Especially with Apple moving away from wired headphones to their Airpods bluetooth headphones. This how-to will dry those tears. 

*You will need to install a third party app I won't link, it's not necessary to.*
  1. Install GarageBand, if you don't already have it.
  2. Run Caustic
  3. Run GarageBand
  4. In GarageBand go to the "external" tab, in the instrument menu.
  5. There you will open the "inter-app audio" mode dialogue.
  6. In the list of audio apps select Caustic
  7. it will open the Caustic app  you already have open.
  8. Use Caustic as you normally would and enjoy being able to use your wireless headphones.

 This workaround should suffice while Caustic works on adding support.

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