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Jaybo Da Hood
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How Do I Make Sounds ( 3 & 4)


Here are the 3rd and 4th sounds but one of them is actually more pattern related.

Let's head back to the early 90's with this UK house classic, wh8ch for any young DJ's reading, i believe, would still cause carnage on the dancefloor.

X-Press 2 - Muzik



31 seconds in.... Are these cowbells? If not, what are they? I have tried and tried to recreate this pattern without success. Can anyone assist with a pattern please Or suggest where they should sit on a pattern?

4) Same track.... what is the big crunchy noise at 2.22 please?

As usual. how can j recreate it please?

SToons Music
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Yes, cowbell I think but also

Yes, cowbell I think but also seems layered with another bell-like timbre and then filtered. Just switched devices so only had one cowbell sample but should give you the basic idea.

The other sound is almost like a sampled electric guitar or something, you can get a basic approximation with the Bassline (or square wave synth using the Subsynth or Modsynth) and overdrive/distortion.

Caustic Song file (optional): 

Jaybo Da Hood
Joined: 03/11/2023 - 08:14
Thank you very much.

Thank you very much.

I have deliberately avoided returning to my "How Do I Make Sounds" posts since the 1 & 2 were so good and I got rather carried away and I stupidly tried to incorporate the disco "doooow, dooooow", into pretty much everything, whether it worked or not.

So I thought I would finish what I was working on and then revisit.

I haven't finished what I'm working on but I couldn't hold out any longer. I've kinda got one track done (ish). A "jungle" type track. I've never been into jungle but I've always been fascinated by it.

I've got 3 house tracks that I've been working on but I keep making patterns then thinking "I can't use that in this". So eventually, they get abandoned, despite having some decent elements.

Thank you for your help again.

Jaybo Da Hood
Joined: 03/11/2023 - 08:14
These are off the hook.

These are off the hook. Seriously good. I subscribed to your YouTube channel and watched one of your videos and even clicked on one of the adverts to hopefully give you some thanks.

I don't know whether you enjoyed re-creating my suggestions or if it was a chore but I have plenty more if you would like to tackle them. However....

.... that got me thinking. You could do tune de/re-constructions on your Youtube channel. I know these are popular because I have watched them on YT.

I feel like a traitor saying this next bit but....

If you did the above but used a more popular DAW then you would get more views.

Sure i would prefer if everybody used Caustic but if you want the views then y'know. I mean, everyone I speak to says.....

"Caustic? What's that? No. You NEED FL Studio"

I tell them.... "Actually, I don't. Until I have explored and become proficient and then become limited by Caustic, I don't NEED anything else..... Except maybe an electric guitar and apart from anything else.... I don't have a laptop that works"

Them - There's an FL studio app.

Me - "Which, I'm led to believe, isn't as good as Caustic"

Them - But there's FL Studio tutorials on Youtube.

Me - I have Brockhard Entertainment, S Toons Music and laweffect and others.

Them - You should get a laptop man.

Me - Yeah OK.

Them - Good man.

Me - Then I'll get Ableton.

Them - Rrrrrrarrrrrrr

I dunno your character and modesty but don't be modest and don't ever doubt that you have talent. You are as good as any of the content creators I have viewed.

I'm glad that you are on here but you are too talented to only be on here if that makes sense.