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Daniele Zummo
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Why was my post deleted?

I just asked for an alternative to caustic.

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Seems a fair enough question

Seems a fair enough question to me.

I'm now on iPad and have recently started using Logic after a few years on Cubasis.

Steep learning curve on Logic but it's starting to click now.

If you're on Android there is Cubasis 3 which I still rate highly. Not as friendly as Caustic though. I know others rate Audio Evolution Mobile highly but I've never really dug in TBH.

Ali Celis
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Yes... well... idk why it was

Yes... well... idk why it was deleted, but you must know that caustic is unique and you can use it as a tool or recreative use, not an alternative... and is offensive saying here in the most deep culture of caustic knowledge that caustic is no t as ""good" than otter mobile DAWs... I have bought FL studio Mobile and it is pure trash compared of the power of caustic in creative and artistic use...

Caustic, as few otters DAWs have that rare capability of expresion on your confort, if you want something else and you know that caustic doesn´t fit in your confort, then, research somewhere else, check out personaly and experiment yourself if otter DAW fits for you.


Imagine entering a AA asking if there´s a better flavor that taste like Wine than only drinking coffe...



I might be wrong. (also i´m a mexican, I don´t ussualy express in this language)

SToons Music
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Well I have many alternatives

Well I have many alternatives to Caustic that I use (on Android). I still love & use Caustic. But there are things it doesn't offer - granular synthesis etc.

With other apps like Flowtones, Csound, Hexen, Zenbeats & others one can have many alternatives to choose from, like a carpenter. One project, many tools.

As a whole, Caustic, for me, still has a wonderful "flow" to the interface. As long as I can continue using it I will. I don't look forward to a time where it may ultimately just not work on a newer version of Android.

Daniele Zummo
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Joined: 06/28/2016 - 04:01
@Ali Celis, If anyone gets

@Ali Celis, If anyone gets offended because I asked if there are alternatives to caustic, in my opinion they have a big problem, but a pretty big one. To answer your question, it makes no difference to me.