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Caustic File Descriptor tool (Windows)

Here's the pre-release of the descriptor app I made for anyone who wants to add a description to their songs before publishing (here or elsewhere)

It's a Windows stand-alone EXE, meaning there's no installation required, just download and run it. 

The way you use it is you load up your .caustic file, add the info you want and press "Add description". When anyone (with C3) loads that file, it will popup a little info card. If the file is saved again in Caustic, the info gets stripped. This is only meant as something you do before sharing.

You'll notice there are two fields for the "Link". The first is for what's displayed, the second holds the link that will be opened if the user touches it. For example you could put "My Soundcloud" in the text field and "https://soundcloud.com/caustic-experiments" in the URL field.


When loaded into the app look like this: (and touching the link opens up the browser on the device)

Download CausticDescriptor.exe (265kB)



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Damn! Is there anything you

Damn! Is there anything you can't do Rej??? This is sweet!

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Mr Rej Poirier what are your

Mr Rej Poirier what are your educational qualifications? how are you able to create all such things?surprisesurprise 

Just kidding! This is really good tool.

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This is super nice, but I

This is super nice, but I wonder would it be possible to add a second link for use in collaborations?

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very handy tool! Just tried

very handy tool! Just tried it, cool add-on for Caustic.

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This is great Rej thanks.

This is great Rej thanks. Would it be possible though to give the option of permanently attaching it to the file even if the file is re-saved? This would be useful for copyright notices on songs which are shared. I can also think of  other useful scenarios:

Live Performance reminders - Examples: 'Set keyboard to midi channel 2' or 'Set tap tempo to drummer's tempo before pressing play...' or even non Caustic related performance notes when playing along with Caustic songs, e.g. 'Guitar FX Patch 12',  'Accapella vocal intro'

Composition/Songwriting reminders -  'Finish intro arrangement. Work on bass sound. Try different compressor settings on mix.  (An edit option would be useful here so that notes could be updated as the composition progresses.)

Rej - Dev
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I guess I could look into

I guess I could look into preserving the info on save, but what's to stop someone from running the descriptor editor and removing it (or hacking the file for that matter). Password protect?

you can edit your description when you load up the song again in the tool.

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Rej, I'm interested in making

Rej, I'm interested in making a simple little Android app to do this, send me an email when you have time on the implementation details.


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Hmmm, I see your point about

Hmmm, I see your point about the copyright info being vulnerable when sharing. For all the other scenarios though I think an option to preserve on save would be very useful. Would it be possible to launch the descriptor tool from the Caustic app using menu save (not quick save) with the current song loaded?

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The Descriptor Tool in action

The Descriptor Tool in action.(See Caustic File attached) This example shows how it could be useful in an educational/tutorial context but I think as stated above it would be more useful if it could be saved permanently with the file.

The link (back to this forum thread!)works and it's cool that you can give the link your own unique name. On my PC my mouse pointer never changed to a hand pointer when I hovered over it though and the text didn't highlight in the way that links usually do.

Also some of the text has disappeared off the right edge. Probably my fault for exceeding the character limit but I thought it would wrap around.

Caustic Song file (optional): 

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thank you so much rej

thank you so much rej

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Hi! Guys! I can't download

Hi! Guys! I can't download the caustic descriptor.
Can you send me or give me de link.
My e-mail euclidesmadjuly@gmail.com

Euclides Madjuly

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The file is still

The file is still downloadable, however because it is sourced from a non-HTTPS source despite being downloaded from an HTTPS website, Chrome and Chromium-based browsers (such as Microsoft Edge) will block the download. Chrome version 85 and newer will disallow what are called "mixed content downloads", where you download non-HTTPS content from HTTPS pages. To get around this, copy the link address and paste it in a new tab. On Edge browsers, I believe you'll get a message saying "this file can't be downloaded securely" with an option to bypass the warning.

Alternatively, you can open the link in a new window (not a new tab), go to inspect element (F12), and go to console. You'll see that the console has thrown a "mixed content error" describing the issue I said above and click on the CausticDescriptor.exe link. That console message will also give more details about the error by providing you a link to a Chromium blog post (https://blog.chromium.org/2020/02/protecting-users-from-insecure.html).

I just downloaded it and there appears to be no issues with it. I think it's good practice to scan any files that aren't from HTTPS sources, but I don't believe you'll run into any issues.