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Caustic - A new hope (?)

I'm new to the forum but as I've come to understand, this is the situation:

  • Rej got ripped from revenues quite badly by cracked licences.
  • Above (and other stuff as life circumstances) has stalled the development of caustic.
  • A lot of people worldwide still use and fancy Caustic.
  • Caustic being "de-promoted" both in AppStore and GooglePlay can't generate much new revenues, thus possibly not even covering the cost running this site. The future doesn't look too bright..

Now, I have some quiestions I'd like some feedback on.

  1. Merch. It's been up before and at the time, Rej was positive about it. Cups and t-shirts. It would *not* require any manual handling, more than design. (www.spri.ng/) for example. Do you fancy Caustic enough to buy a cup or a t-shirt?
  2. Kickstarter. Would you offer $49 to see a Caustic 3.5 being launched? (buying time from Rej)
  3. Would you rather sponsor a kickstarter campain to open-source Caustic? (compensating lost revenues) (Rej's opinion on this would be interesting to hear)

If anyone's out there, please reply with 1), 2) etc on the idea you'd support.


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I'd definitely rep a caustic

I'd definitely rep a caustic logo on a shirt.

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I definitely hope this could

I definitely hope this could happen though it might be impossible. When you search caustic on youtube, you can only find Caustic in Apex. It's phenomena which come across on many platforms. Caustic's popularity has dropped to almost 0. Another reason is the rising of FL Mobile and many other music apps like Medly or so on App Store. With the music making stuff pushed forward to the public, those new apps have fluent ui, more functions and things that is quite useless. I've been seen a lot of "little composers" saying they will devote themselves to Medly.

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But Caustik has One Grade

But Caustik has One Grade Advantage over all the other Apps out there: its not a "Hiqh qualety Musik DAW, mor a Experimental Intrument, or an Composing Software, and i think thereare very less Apps out there, that are so Streamlined, but also go in that need deph, and are offering very basik but very retro and unike Syntys. I mean, i am now so use to all the Causiksyns, that i imagen a sound, and i know what synty are will brin it vor me. I never done so many compositions on any Program, as in Causit, becaus its so fokused on Base thinks, like: Melody, Rhythm, Volume, and some Effeks, that pusch me realy hart on the aktualy comosing part of musik making. In PC DAW i am so quik losst in VSTs, or Postprosessing, and Reverby and FXstuff, that i compleatly not do the best part of musik, Creating unik and komplikadet Melodys. And causik limited me in a very nice way to this, that Caustic was my main Composing tool, my instrument on Traintravel and my sketchbook of SOnglayouts. the only thing, that i miss was a better integration of Audiorekors, bekaus there was missing a proper Audiotrack thing. (the vokoder and PCsynt, are a workaround, but clearly not nice to work whif) so i cant use Caustik vor example to rekort an instrument and add some nice Midi melodys or drums aboth that, so that is maby the only thing, that i whant of a new Causik 3.5 and a fix of the 3.2 on PC will be grade! Also, i think a Tshirt or an had dout will work, it will be beter Kickstarter, so the cost will go direktly in the Develop of the App. also i think 15€ are a good price on simply the new version upgrade, so if you alredy one the Caustik kay, you by a next kay to get the full 3.5, so your cost kome a litlebit back. 
i think its nearly impossible that Cuastik make profit rigt? :( but it is no ly one of the gradest musik composing tools out there! and a next version i think, may be look on the grade thing that are ale ready there, and expand it in the rigt derektion, like: mic.audio rekording as audio tracks (like a hiqh qualety and mor rekording fokused vers. of the Vokoder, whifout the harmonisation options of vokoder, and more of sampling and loopoptions, also abilety of take sterio audio samples. or, some basik ,ore realistik sounds vor Gitar, Orchestraviolins or Brass woud be grade, to gget some Orchestra sketchwork in caustik, and later get the midi out, and let a real orestra lay your composition ;D That is all what i  only whant of an next version. ;D and when this will be possible, i woud love to give $49 to have a mutch better composing and 8Bit Beat maschine! ;D and also, a again working version on pc, becaus 3.2 is still broken on Win10 64bit.