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"Insert Effects" in Modular

I know the project has been out of development for a while.
but what if "Insert Effects" were separate modules in the Modular synthesizer? With the ability to patch with external parameters?

maybe someone has thought about this?

and vice versa, use filters as Insert Effect as separate effects (for mixer or Standalone wav-editor?).

State Variable Filter (with lp/bp/hp menu)
Vintage Ladder Filter
Resonant LP (wth steepness selector)
Formant filter (with 2 formant selectors)
K35 Lowpass
Lag Processor (?)


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Unfortunately no news yet

Unfortunately no news yet that would indicate an update. But alot of these things can still be done relatively easily, the downside is you need to use up more instruments to accomplish it.

As an example, all of the filters in the ModSynth can function just like Insert effects by running any other instr into the machine input module of the Modsynth.

Or you can run the output of the Modular thru Insert effects, say delay & phasor, route that into the machine input of another Modular and then thru the formant filter & a hp. And then automate the insert effects in song mode.

Perhaps you already know that but just wanted to point it out.

I've had more complicated projects where I had to render a bunch of tracks to wav, then create a seperate file with one or two "instruments" that are essentially several instruments all chained together. Then render that and use a different program like Zentracker or whatever to mix everything together. A little more cumbersome but it can be done.

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