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Caustic Song file (optional): 


This is kind of a 'nothing special' track but I am sharing it here because I tried to apply the lessons learned from jblann1's remix of a track of mine as well as well as danjdob's settings of master eq/comp/limiter for James' The Middle Is Too Wide. Plus looking at tracks by the usual masters and suspects: Skarabee, Mniip and Pan65.  even if the song is a little weak, IMHO the mix is better than my usual with Caustic. For me it's really important to have that 'punch' along with a wide range of subtle, quiet all the way to loud dynamics that don't sound squashed and I want to get better at it. feel free to re mix or ignore as needed. wink


 Also I figure out how to use the crossover in the Modular to achieve an even wider apparent stereo field …or maybe it's just my imagination. laugh

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Your music here needs to grt

Your music here needs to grt integrated into video games......


Nice work on this one...do I hear a pitched up FarOffPad there?

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wow that was really fun to

wow that was really fun to listen to...good crisp mix,..its got that jungle thing going on..but its also a little alien sounding in a way...there was this movie years ago called the Dark Crystal that had an (alternate world) jungle of sorts in it with various little creatures lurking about....this track reminds me of that..and there were these pod people that danced to music similar to this....lol..the whole movie was done using puppets..no CGI...it was cool..uhmm well...when i was a kid it was cool.wink


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Yeah, a great piece of

Yeah, a great piece of electronica. Great mix and production, I agree that that the melody doesn't reach out and grab you but not every track needs a big hook, I like the understated instrumentation and the bubbling percussion smiley

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Good work and nice ambience

Good work and nice ambience on this one.  Your tracks are always original, with this little extra thing called here "Wardini style". i like the perc sequence in the middle and the end.

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Very catchy rhythm on this

Very catchy rhythm on this one Wardini!