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'Blasting Pit'

Caustic Song file (optional): 

Very much back to basics and a bit harder, faster and indeed basic/brutal than normal. 

I think 'Blasting Pit' was a name of one of the levels in the original HalfLife PC game and the name seemed apt here.

3 BB's, 3 Basslines, a lot of pattern automation and the first step programmed volume fade out in song mode that I've remembered to do.

The mix and arrangement were pretty hastily thrown together but I think it sounds okay. The one note bassline that underpins the tune was inspired by someone recently who said that rather than trying to use the compressor to separate the kick drum and bassline they just put one 'on the one' and the other on the third...

*I've not been using my midi keyboard much lately, mainly due to the presence of two, small, hyperactive kittens*

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Classic acid techno sound

Classic acid techno sound from the 90's    nice work..... your kittens just got a little bit more skittish after hearing this cool