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Modern Mixing - Pure Mix - Mix Coach & More Tutorials

Here are some other good Tip & Trick video series on You Tube that I have found very informative. If this long of a post, or this many links breaks any rules that I have missed, please let me know!


Modern Mixing


Where the Recording Revolution's focus is more Rock-Pop, Justin is more on the R&B-Hip Hop end of the spectrum. Solid tips & easy to follow.


Pure Mix


Fab covers a lot of ground, from Jazz Trios to Folk to Trip Hop, a little of everything.


Mix Coach


Lots of tips & tricks presented in a very laid back manner. The one that opened my eyes when I first started using Pro Tools was this one on making D-Verb sound better..


Just one of those "DUH!" type of things that I never would have thought of...


Pensado's Place


Good tips & some cool interviews with top producers & mixers


Sonnox Plug-ins


Expensive, but worth the price when on sale AND if your music / studio is making you some $$$. I listed this channel because their Quick Tips are useful no matter what brand of effects you use.


Some good channels to learn from IMHO, and are much funnier to watch than stupid people tricks....well, maybe!

Hope This Helps!cool