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Muted mic?

Hi, I downloaded LoopStack on my Sony Xperia X8 (Android) and it all seems to work until I plug my headphones and the mic lowers it's input level (I'm not sure if it's the right term). The mic doesn't get muted totally when I plug the headphones because if I record something very loud the app records it, but at an almost unheareable level. If I unplug my headphones the mic works perfectly and the level of what I record is normal again.

I already tried with different headphones, re-installing the app, and calibrating with and without the headphones connected. Is there something I could do to solve this problem??

Sorry for my english and congratulations on making such a great app.


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Some phones switch off the

Some phones switch off the phone mic when headphones are plugged in. Most only do so if the headphones are ones with a built-in mic for phone use (the ones with play/stop controls on a little lump in the cable).

It's possible however that yours always mutes the mic and transfers to headphone mic, even when there is no headphone mic. Unfortunately this is done at the lowest level (kernel) so it's not something I can command or control.

I guess the main thing to test would be to make sure the headphones you're testing on are proper "music" headphones and not earbuds that came with the phone.


If nothing works, I can refund you your purchase.