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A bit of nostalgia - Acid Overdose (Circular Reference)

Caustic Song file (optional): 

I was looking at the files in my windows Caustic folder and found this...a re-edit of track I wrote a year ago. It was probably the first thing I finished after buying a tablet and Caustic 2.

I think it's alright in a Orbital-esque way.

I need to have a poke around and see what else I've got in my Windows folder - I think there are some tracks that I started in C2 that I deleted from my tablet. I'd starting played around with them in the C3 Alpha build that wasn't forwards compatible so they crashed Caustic on load.

I didn't use any Insert Effects  - just the main channel delay and reverb.

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wow great song, had a fun

wow great song, had a fun time listening to it