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I am using Caustic 2 on a Kindle Fire HD7 and I have a couple of questions.

#1 Using the Subsynth module is there a way to transpose ex: in my band we tune down a half step to Eb What I want to is if I play an 'E' on the subsynth modules and it plays an Eb?

#2 Any way to use a patch that I created with PCMSynth and use it with the SubSynth module or vice versa? I tried to copy to the directory and rename the extension from subsynth to pcmsynth but that did not work. Thanks for you help

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Hi there and welcome to the

Hi there and welcome to the forums....   SubSynth is a tone generator subtractive synth..... the PCMSynth is a sample player synth..... presets are not interchangeable.    

But you do raise a good point about a synth transpose feature like PCMSynth has.

But you can still transpose on the SubSynth...... go to your pattern window (or windows if you have multiple patterns)  select all notes and then shift them down two semi-tones or to your desired key...

Hope this helps... and don't hesitate to ask any questions, we're happy to help.

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You can also transpose a

You can also transpose a pattern by long-pressing on the pattern selector and using the transpose arrows. There is an option to only transpose selected notes when doing this as well.

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