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Ok, so my daughter asks me "What does Caustic mean?" So after trying to rack my brain, I looked it up in a dictionary. Any definitions or related to the word do not seem to relate to this app. So I guess I'm here asking why the name "Caustic" came to a music-creating app (where the word definition relates to corroding and burning)

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My guess is the Bassline

My guess is the Bassline machine being the 303 emulation and Acid type techno created with machines that are found within the application. Not that this actually means the music that was going to be created with it.

Although Rej might have been relating it to his "Caustic" pineapple farm he owns and operates on the side from C++ programming.


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You're close Mike (about the

You're close Mike (about the 303/acid thing, not the pineapples, my pineapples are nothing but deliciously sweet).

The name actually came from a friend when I showed him the app. For the longest time, the app was only a subtractive synth prototype, kind-of a test platform as I learned about synths and how they worked. Anyway, after the subsynth was showing promise, but latency sucked, I decide to expand the app to include a drum machine and make it a sequencer. That was going to be it for the first release... Then I stumbled upon some 303 example code and managed to squeeze in this new synth and the result was a lot of fun. When I showed him the app again he said I should make it focused on acid music. He came up with "Caustic" as it was one of those "cool-sounding" words to do with dangerous chemicals, similar to acid, but not as obvious. Because I didn't want to force any style on people who'd use the app and I wanted a short name, Caustic was a great fit.

I'll post up some screenshots of the early subsynth prototype some time...it was pretty ugly.