Ethereal Choir

Padsynth Preset


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An ambient, atmospheric choir preset. Works for both male and female voices depending on the range of notes. First table has more of a dark, airy sound with more of the lower voices, while the second table contains some mid-to-high range voices as well. Feel free to adjust the gain and blend knobs to set the balance you want between the two tables, or mess with the ADSR knobs if you want the choir to sing something more rhythmically active (the default setting is better suited for slower, sustained notes) I tried to get it to sound as precise and distinctly human as I could, and you can almost hear some individual voices if you listen closely. Also, you can get some extremely creepy low drone sounds in the lower few octaves.

There's sort of a staticy sound in the higher frequencies but I couldn't figure out how to get rid of it. If anyone knows how to clean it up, please let me know.