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The things I'm reasonably proud of

Hi there, I've been using Caustic since the version 1 days, and it was one of the first apps I bought for my tablet.

I've got no formal musical training, except for a few years at school playing acoustic guitar, so when I was starting out with Caustic I made quite a few - well - horrible things.

Suddenly I've found myself with a number of short tracks that I'm reasonably proud of. I don't think they're all that special, but I felt I wanted to share them with someone and get some feedback on them none-the-less.

The 16 min set list is here: http://soundcloud.com/canazza/sets/the-things-im-reasonably-proud
It's ordered pretty much newest to oldest. Each one is designed to loop (although Caustic always adds on a couple of seconds at the end to let the delay/reverb fade out) and as a novice I've stuck with chord progressions that I'm familiar with (G, D and A mainly)

Speaking of which, this is my latest one that's entirely just playing around with that chord progression.

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I liked Space is screaming 2

I liked Space is screaming 2 most from the set, think I'll download that one (if possible). Haven't heard everything properly yet, but what I heard sounds good IMO. Reminds me of a synthpop band, but the name slips my mind. Search the signal sounds a bit weird, I like weird things.

Would love to hear more. It sounds different from other entries on the forum. Thanks for sharing.

When I export a tune caustic seems to cut off the delays if I don't place an empty pattern at the end. Maybe I'm just imagining it. Have to try it out again. Have you tried setting and exporting as a loop instead of a song?

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Space is Screaming 2 was one of my earlier tracks, and probably the one I went back to most often to tweak. It was the first one I went back and played about with the Recording nobs, like slowly increasing the reverb on the drumkit during the intro.

Signal was my attempt at using the mini mc sets, and I was trying for something a little bit odd, so I'm happy to hear that it worked :)