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New track: 'Big Sleep (Andrulian Remake)'

Firstly, jblann1 doesn't know it but they helped a lot with this track! Even with the sheet music it took about 3 goes before I could get it to sound anywhere near right and it only took shape when I used jblann1's c2piano and dubbybuddy, tips on compression and automation ideas.

Secondly, apologies to any die hard Simple Minds fans out there, you'll probably hate it!

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"aplogies to any die hard

"aplogies to any die hard Simple Minds fans" :-D

Especially liking your sequences. Trying to analyse those.

The thread title made me think this would be a 'noir' song.

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Sweet! Sounds good what u

Sweet! Sounds good what u did there.. i need to kick it into high gear and start getting my packs out...