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following johandelpire's post about glitch drumkits, here's one i put together for you all to experiment with.

I've made a pcmsynth as it's got 26 sounds. These and corresponding notes are listed below:

combi09: c1
fm01: d1
fm02: e1
bd09: f1
bd16: g1
bd26: a1
bd27: b1
bd02: c2
bd05: d2
sd03: e2
sd11: f2
sd22: g2
hat9: a2
hat11: b2
rim02: c3
rim08: d3
click13: e3
click14: f3
combi04: g3
roll04: a3
roll06: b3
clap3: c4
shot5: d4
tone05: e4
trig09: f4
trig03: g4

sample mostly if not all obtained from rhythm lab. enjoy!