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First EZKit soundpack nearing release.... but....

I'm nearing release of my first of many EZkit Drumz series soundpacks, but before I do, I wanted to run a few questions by you guys first...

Most of us here in the community use Caustic for various forms of electronic style music.

My kits have a large sound-map.

I'm preparing various tier-level versions of these kits (pending user feedback and wants etc...) EZKit PCMPreset tier 1 will be somewhat of a challenge for programming your patterns, but you will get some premium quality drumz for your tracks, all crammed into 1 PCMSynth module.

Tier 2 and 3 will feature a huge sound library and thus a huge map, which will be an incredible challenge to program your patterns for your tracks, but the sound will be incredibly awesome. Tier 3 kits will span TWO PCMSynth modules (for more realistic drum handling, performance, and more realistic live performance quality)

Another idea I'm floating is to make loop/breaks, and put up loop segments (alot of them for each kit) so you can create your own breaks, beats, rhythms, performance bits. This will be MUCH EASIER for pattern/sequence programming for your tracks, all crammed into ONE PCMSynth.

I'm hoping for a synth module in the future to address this (multi layer sounds--drums!), but for now, this is a good way to get incredible drums and percussion sounds for your Android/Blackberry devices.

So, please, feedback to me: Do you want drum kits that may be a bit challenging to program (I'll have document and YouTube and personal Support for all my coming soundpacks) or do you want loops, breaks, and segments of loops and breaks to stitch together?

Thanks for your time and responses. Your feedback will point me in the right direction, and start pumping this stuff out in the markets very soon.
Thanks guys!
Jason EIPStudiosOhio

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Maybe adding a text file

Maybe adding a text file listing the sounds and keys can help in navigating the map (?)

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I think regardless of how you

I think regardless of how you decide to do it, the community has proven that they are quick to learn and master whatever techniques are needed in order to get Caustic doing what they want. The only issue I can see wiith the 2 PCM Synth is that obviously its taking up an extra space on the rack, but once unlimited machines come in it shouldn't be a problem. Best way I suppose is release and then wait for feedback :D

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Good points made here so far.

Good points made here so far... Oh yes, there will be a text file with the key-sample map. I would be a fool not to include that. Yeah I know about the 2 PCMSynth problem...... I'm hoping for a future Caustic release that will lesson the 6-machine burden.... or a ___Synth that will allow me to create these kits in a much more efficient (and ease of programming and awesome sounding) way...
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