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'Oblivion Messages' Vocoder use in an experimental track!

Since i got C3 in my tab there was one thing which was bothering me(in a good way). Every time i would sit for creating something it would keep poking me!!! Like literally telling me 'Hey buddy you can use me to create something different and unique'. It was none other than the loudy red machine! 

I had few arrangments in my mind and i thought it would be good to use that red machine and here it is the first use of mine with Vocoder!

I recorded some quotes and other words in english and hindi. Hope you like this experiment, as its kinda offbit! Reviews welcomed!!

Machines used : 2 Beatboxes, Pad synths and 4 Vocoders!

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Strange and captivating. Nice

Strange and captivating. Nice sounds from the whispering red machine. 

Rej - Dev
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Cool track Nishit

Cool track Nishit, I can imagine this in a movie showing a shady bunch of monks worshipping in secret and the camera shifting around, sometimes smoothly, sometimes jumping nervously between shots to follow the music.

BTW, the color of the vocoder came from this synth when I was looking for ideas on visuals. I like that it looks like a toy, because the vocoder is probably the goofiest instrument (so far)

Korg microKORG XL

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Huh, I never seen any Korg

Huh, I never seen any Korg keyboard in red........  The first red keyboard came to my mind was one of the Clavia (Nord) Synths   (nice hardware BTW)

Nicely done track.


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Nice ambient stuff,I love it!

Nice ambient stuff,I love it!

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I liked it immediatly and

I liked it immediatly and liked it better as it went on. Good stuff, subtle and creepy.

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@skarabee : 'Welcome to

@skarabee : 'Welcome to Caustic'.......... how can i forget the amazing intro you made...i have heard that track numerous times and was also one of the inspiration to use vocoder too!

@rej lol a nice explanation of the shots here!!! 

When the new machines were declared, vocoder and 8bit are the ones about whom i had less knowledge or was less in touch with. In 8 bit i am still unable to create a sound which i like or am satisfied with but i think it will require details and will need some time to get use to it(the calculations scares me..lol) and which i am looking forward to doing soon. About vocoder well i had some information about the tones it creates but what i had in my mind was it usually creates only voice effects the ones used in RnB or such genres. But after playing around with it and looking at the tutorials i think its like a hidden gem in the machines!!! And i think many of the other freinds here would use it(and have used it) in more creative way and am looking forward to it!

@jblann1 thanks for listening!

@celebzooz thanks for the comment!!

@logical frank thanks for listening and comments!!

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That was great man! I felt

That was great man! I felt like I was in a scene in a movie! Great job!yes

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Thanks for listening and

Thanks for listening and comments...appreciate!! :)