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Andy Bones
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Dark & chilled (trip hop? breaks? downtempo?) by Andy Bones

Five more Caustic 2 projects from me to you. Turn the lights down & take the chill pill.

Shiver- http://soundcloud.com/andybones-1/shiver

Witch Trial (Valtiel II)- http://soundcloud.com/andybones-1/witch-trials-valtiel-pt-2

The Philadelphia Experiment- http://soundcloud.com/andybones-1/philadelphia-experiment

Belushi Cocktail- http://soundcloud.com/andybones-1/belushi-cocktail

Unbreakable- http://soundcloud.com/andybones-1/unbreakable


-Andy Bones

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Like what I heard, Shiver

Like what I heard, Shiver (good use of voice samples, one of them is Massive Attack right?), and Witch Trial. Deep and mysterious.

You're wreaking havoc on my data. Want to start downloading, but I'll wait till I can use a friend's wifi.

Thanks for the tracks and inspiration (which will probably get twisted into something weird by my brain).

Andy Bones
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Inertia Creeps

Yep, that's a vocal rip from "Inertia Creeps" by Massive Attack (one of my favorite artists). I'm glad you like! And as with anyone, feel free to d/l/, sample/ remix/ etc. "Pass on" the inspiration. I will share presets & samples on request also. Thanks for listening! -Andy Bones