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32nd interval notes on synth leads

Caustic Song file (optional): 

*thanks to Mike for this one btw*

I posted this tune in Show and Tell recently and at 0:53 the lead sounds kinda gated, It's extremely staccato and jumps in and out of the pattern very quickly, a couple of people thought this was the result of some serious automation. 

It's much, much simpler though - all I did was switch the interval to 32nd's and write most of the pattern in single 32nd notes. It works great on punchy leads with very sharp attack - I've used it in tracks on FM Synth patches (with polyphony set to 1 and minimum sustain/release) and the Bassline synth.

I picked up the trick from the Bassline patterns of a caustic file that Mike shared a while back but thought I'd share it here now smiley

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This totally rocks James. Heh

This totally rocks James. Heh, yeah this is something I employ very often with my stuff, a lot of the hard desert trance stuff, really hard gated(off beat) leads like this make my mind feel good. smiley

It's been since like 4 months since I actually made music, I guess what I am making right now is going to help fill this void in the future.

A+ on the track man, I love the off beat stuff some of my tracks sound similar with the beat.


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Dude that is faaaaaat groovy

Dude that is faaaaaat groovy man..... nice work. cool