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New track - 'Pushka'

This is pretty much all Jason's (jblann1) sounds with a bassline and 808 drum patterns added in.

It's sort of on the ambient side of old school rave.

It started with an accidental riff i created whilst trying GhostLead. I've also used cheapstab, c2 piano and wailing lead.

Thanks Jason!

http://db.tt/XzRNSjyd (caustic file)

http://db.tt/E6B3KzZf (mp3 file)

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nice one there. More sounds

nice one there. More sounds are coming, I'm working on 4 series at the same time, hopefully start releasing them in the coming weeks.
Keep 'em comin.

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Good song.

Good song.

Though I think I liked Pelog Etude more (that one was very special, have been playing it over and over).