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"Tunnel Vision" - Caustic 3.1 beta tune

Caustic Song file (optional): 

My first completed track using the 3.1 Beta - I used the KS Synth right at the end but didn't use the Machine Input Modular Component, partly because my CPU meter was looking close to tipping point.

Maybe closer to Goa/Psy sounds than techno.

11 machines, the most I've used for a very long time. There's little automation but a lot of FX instead. It took me a while to get a mix that sounded okay, that didn't clip and that didn't have obvious ducking from the compressors. There's 4 BB's fighting for room, and 2 Subsynths and 1 Modular occupying a similar frequency range.

Melodically it's very limited, I guess I'm hoping that the synths, the overall mood and the drums create enough interest for people to listen to it all the way through.

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melodies are totally

melodies are totally overrated - we only need the bass drum.. hehe ;-)