Modular Preset


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This patch uses the modular basically as a heavy distortion/filter effect to get some very meaty sounds from another machine. The signal path is as follows:

-Machine Input

-Saturation effect

-Three separate state-variable filters each acting as HP, LP, and BP, and whichever outputs don't feed directly into the mixer instead route to the cutoff and resonance of the other filters, so the filters also affect each other

-A 3-channel mixer

-Another saturation effect

-K35 LowPass filter

-Formant filter

-Vintage ladder filter (one input from the formant filter, and the other directly from the second saturation effect)

-Both outputs from the vintage ladder filter are routed to the stereo inputs of a Resonant LP filter

-A 2 channel-mixer

-A third saturation effect

-Mono modular output

I also added an oscilloscope to see how the sound is affected at different points, but of course you can take it out if you don't need it, or tweak the knob settings to taste. There's a lot to adjust, but I guess the ones that cause the biggest changes would be altering any of the saturation amounts, the cutoff/resonance controls on the filters (especially the resonant LP in the bottom right), altering the way in which the 3 state-variable filters affect each other, and changing which output routes to the second input of the vintage ladder filter (by default it's set to receive input from the second saturation effect, but you can set it to virtually any other output, including the dry signal, and mix it with the processed signal if that's what you're after).