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Adrian King
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Seven Islands (last track for a while)

Caustic Song file (optional): 

I bring you possibly my last track for several months - exam season has started and I want to devote as much time as possible to hitting the books and preparation. I therefore won't be as active as before, but don't worry, I promise to be back in the summer (or end of June to the rest of the world) smiley.

I just wanted to leave you with this piece that has been in development for a while. This track is partially escapism - I've been working on it on and off for about a month when I felt most stressed (I find it freeing). Euphoric trance is my favorite to make and listen to, I hope you enjoy it!



Rej - Dev
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Beautiful track once again

Beautiful track once again Adrian. 

Good luck with the exams and see you in a few months.

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another great track! epic.

another great track! epic.

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Really, really good mniip!

Really, really good mniip! Nobody does euphoric trance in Caustic like you do. Very melodic, well rounded sound. I wish I had an ounce of your musical creativity, it's very very impressive.

Best of luck with exams, see you on the other side! :o)

Adrian King
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Thanks everyone, I really

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate your commentssmiley Also, for those of you who would like to look at the caustic file, it was exported in 3.1 beta 3... at 32 bit resolution. The .wav was well over 100 MB cheeky

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Love it mniip, I think it's

Love it mniip, I think it's time for you make a full album and try to sell it. There should be enough audience out there, you only need a little promotion. Very professional :).

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I'd buy it.  I listen to your

I'd buy it.  I listen to your stuff often in fact.  

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Adrian King
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Thanks Pan65. This is

Thanks Pan65. This is something I'm definitely considering to do, but I've had no experience in selling music before. Can anyone point me in the right direction for selling my tracks? Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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I really like this. Ticks all

I really like this. Ticks all (most) of the boxes for trance that suits my palette.

Time for the "however" section...

Its somewhat clichéd, the drops, fills and filters have been heard many times. That doesn't make it bad per se but I think you maybe could have challenged some of these a little more.

The main riff is so signature chicane it feels a little close for comfort. Again. Its not bad by any stretch its just the 'inspired by' label is maybe getting a bit close to 'cloned'

I know I'm sounding harsh. It IS really good. And it IS an original track. But there are many almost overly familiar elements in it that if you changed a little to be less so I think it would lift the track tremondsly.

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I think if you're happy doing

I think if you're happy doing what you're doing and have no intention to try and sell tracks then just keep on keeping on, clearly people like listening to it. Me included :) If you want to try and sell stuff I'd side with Rob - it just needs a little twist to make it your own.



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This is an absolutely amazing

This is an absolutely amazing song.. thanks for sharing it.

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Love your work mniip, this

Love your work mniip, this sounds amazing. Sounds exactly like it's from one of my old Ibiza trance albums! Thanks for the caustic file, I'll definitely be having a look how you made this one.

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Well done as always....

Well done as always....

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man, i just now came across

man, i just now came across this, and it's absolutely incredible. i just find it amazing that you can make something of this quality in a mobile app. mind-blowing stuff

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It is an incredible piece. I

It is an incredible piece. I can not stop listening and production level is incredible. Transitions and filters are used flawlessly. Congratulations on this work. I hope many more in the future. A hug :)

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Soooooo Nice as Aways !!! 

Soooooo Nice as Aways !!!