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Hi Caustic lovers, passer byes and developers.

I have started to write some technical blog posts about the CausticCore and CausticToolkit on my company blog. This relates to Java Android developers, Apache Flex and Flash Player Adobe AIR developers.

See; and

If you have any questions about any information on my blog, post a comment on the blog and I will be sure to get back to you with an answer. I'm also a committer and PMC member in the Apache Flex project, so AIR mobile developers expect some interesting things in the future.

I am also looking for beta testers that develop on these two platforms, if your interested, get a hold of me through PM on this site, my contact page on or in the forums here.

Here is an excerpt from one of the first blog posts;

What is the Caustic Core?

The Caustic Core is the Linux .so library that holds the whole Caustic audio implementation. This library is loaded into the Android application at runtime and is fed OSC message commands. There is a couple base Java classes that start audio threads and has hooks to native methods of the shared library. Dealing with string commands is virtually impossible to manage anything worth creating and releasing into the wild. Enter the Caustic Toolkit.

When the core is released by Single Cell Software, there will be licensing fees for commercial applications (to be determined later). As it stands it looks like free apps on the market will have an indie license.

What is the Caustic Toolkit?

The Caustic Toolkit was developed by me(Teoti Graphix, LLC and will be supported by my company. It will use the Caustic Core library so you will need some type of license to use my framework since it uses The framework I have written is a bunch of classes in a hierarchy, where various parents hold instances of composites devices and/or device components.

Thanks, Mike

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