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Get ready for BigBeard 2.0

Hey guys, first of all I want to thank Rej and all the caustic users out there for supporting Steve and I in our efforts. It's been a rough couple of months for me, my life has changed completely. I am now settled and have set my studio back up. Time to get down to business.

It seems Big Beard's expansion packs have become a must have staple for Caustic users and I am proud of that. Get ready for a whole new set of packs that will exceed everything we have done so far. More Chords, more Real instruments, more REAL drums and some new ideas.

I'll update this thread as new stuff rolls out.

Thanks again guys.


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Good to have you back in the

Good to have you back in the game... my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family as you come thru it. I went thru a similar situation about ten years ago, and it is intense and takes your emotions to the edge and beyond. Its good to see you moving forward again...J

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This is great news! I really

This is great news! I really look forward for new sounds from BigBeard. Your sounds are excellent!