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a derrtiBLU progress i may show or i won't! but i'm gonna expose my frustruation.

Hey, two all.


I actually did the unthinkable with all the blockage of myself hindering me.


I used skarabee's video on his website ((( dabz two skarabee ))) 

And i slowly got all the info ((( come on library studio full of distractions!!! ))) but only place really watch something online and not worry over data and get a strong wifi signal.  My device does not do alot of thangz it should. So no amount of somebody needs two fix something if anything my device should be in the garbage!!!! But i'm gonna use the device two advance me further mess-up or not! )))


I gotta test project of all machines, ((( i have still no clue how two use. )))


So i follow the map. Beatbox, modular, vocoder, and padsynth

I have not gotten the full vibe dat's demostrated in the videos.


But the modular.... I don't understand how i got the sound i got. 

1. Herre's my modular parts.

      a. )  machine input generator 

      b. )  dadsr envelope   ((   no idea what this does. ))

     c.  )  no filter (( idk,y!!!)) 

     d. )  I want my inputs so i perfer alot of them so i never run out win i need them.

             Mixer, 6 input mixer/modulator

     e. A lag processor (x2) (((  no idea what this is. As well.  )))

     f.  And Oscilloscope ((( from the videos i did watch of all the machine for 1st time yea' i know! I gotta go back and study,  how about dat's next library-studio session ok? Focus!!! ))) ((( the oscilloscope, i like cause i have no idea what sounds i'm making and i need help understanding what i'm doing. And yes i did download caustic mannual for u chumps!! Thinkin' havin' mannuals is for wussies!! 


My wiring??? Ohh boy!! 


My wiring is more the same in the patchbay of modular.

Mod wheel - to - machine input (( a in ))

Note ev, & note vel. -to - 6 input mixer (( in 1&2))

Volume mod - to - machine input (( b out ))

L mono - to - inv. Out

R - to -6 input (( out))

The knobs on back and front of modular didn't trust cause didn't understand. So my tweaks are all regular mix wise.

I did lay a small chord, maybe 2.

After i realized the sounds where coming from the modular as well all others was win i actually laid the same chrords which i want a vibe similar but not like skarabee's so idk what i did. But i did get dat unnerving sustain off the padsynth with all dat was runnimg with the modular i was hulkin' the machines two not make me angry. So i did get a vocoder but nothing of a controled mix. Still sounds, like no sounds of the vocoder but not completely what i want. As still unsure. 


Expose me if u will on what i can get from what i have. If i have two change something. Let me know. If u know of ideas dat will give me nature sounds from the mix..... I mite give u more attention who knows. Guide me. But be gentle. I got a nasty bite cuase i like two hulk-smash idon't mean two but i do. ((((( i do have dyslexia and i take no drugs or alcohol ever in my system mite need some. i'll just settle for caustic right in my juggler.