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how to manage arpegiattor attack and release?

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Hi everyone!

i cannot set the attack and release with the arpegiattor the way i like to. someone can help me?

the only way i can set release and attack for each note in the arpegiattor is if i set the envelope on "retrig", then it cuts the release and starts from zero each note and is not the sound i want to get.

when i set the envelope to "legato", only the first note on the arpegiattor gets the attack effect and only the last note gets the release effect. 

i think that is because the arpegiattor is "perfect" between each note, i mean without a silence between each note, so there is no space for the envelope to work.

someone have the same problem? anyone managed to get a workaround, or maybe i am misunderstanding something?


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The only workaround I can

The only workaround I can think of is to use a dadsr with the sustain set near or at zero and use the decay to simulate release. Since the modular is monophonic, though, you won't hear the effect unless the overall envelope time is short enough in comparison to the arpeggiator's gate time.

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I know what you're trying to

I know what you're trying to go for here..... do this, and you will be happier with the results:

If you are doing 16th note runs, Select All Notes in the pattern, change quantization to 32nd notes, Resize all notes to 32nd length.   If that is too stacatto for you, goto 64th notes, and expand to 48th note....

This trick works great to define individual notes running fast (16th or occasional 32nd note runs)   This is the method I use.....  AR Env will be harder for you to achieve this, as your notes will sound "too smooth" instead of punchy and straight forward like you want.


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The best way to achieve this

The best way to achieve this seems to be using an external machine to generate the wavesound, a SUBSYNTH in my case, then you can set the attack and release there, and in the modular you can add the machine input module and the arpegiattor. Thank god to 3.1 for the machine input module (and by god i mean Rej of course)

Then, if i focus on attack and release, i get a smooth arpegiattor: 

If i focus on decay and sustain in sync with the arpegiattor speed, i get the stacatto effect that @jblann1 was talking about

Thanks everyone

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I'm glad that works for you,

I'm glad that works for you, but when I was facing the same conundrum, the only satisfactory way I found to get my notes to separate was to literally separate them by 64th (or greater) rests - exactly what jblann said.

Another method I'm now employing in every song is to set the bpm twice as fast as I want the song. Accordingly, when I compose and sequence my piece, I make all my patterns twice as long (counting whole notes as half notes, Two measures as one, etc...) This gives me the ability to quantize to 128th notes!

Now I thought this up myself, but its surely an old trick, right? I'm still pretty new to daws, and sequencing and all...

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