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Loopstack feedback


I recently purchased Loopstack and wanted to give some feedback. I found it to be very nice and stable, easy to use, and great fun. 

I found, as apparently some in this forum have too, that the auto-detected latency does not always work fine (maybe it changes with time on my phone) and that it would be nice to be able to adjust the delay of a track during replay.

I also feel that the maximum number of bars should be larger. I do appreciate that loopstack then functions "less like a looper" and that this is to some degree using the software for another purpuse -- but come on, the blues has 12 bars not 8! And with a mere 16 bars it would be possible to lay down the chords for many jazz standards quickly and practice playing solos on them. Since this is, I guess, still within the capability of most people's hardware and a very easy fix for the developer, and apparently there is quite some demand judging from the people in this forum, I would really appreciate an increased maximum number of bars as well.

Anyway, thank you for creating loopstack!