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New forum member presents

Hello everyone!

I want to present my work with Rej's brilliant application. I started playing with C1 on my HTC Desire last year, then when it's been upgraded to version no2 I bought 10" tablet which helps me a lot to create new tracks. For me Caustic is one and only music application I work with. I've tried other, windows based music programs but Caustic is so simple, easy and versatile I have no need to use anything else. For me it's a great fun, a hobby so I don't need super duper, pro software.

I like electronic music, mainly house, electro, nu disco but I'm open to different styles of electronic genre. Generaly music is very important in my life. My dad was playing drums in a local band. I've had my own rock band when I was a teenager, won some local "thropies" with my mates. Then I set up another project. Jazzy Hip-Hop with live playing instruments only along with a pair of Technics 1200MKII's and obviously live vocals. It was 1997 when we recorded a few songs, available to hear here http://www.myspace.com/newdawont

Ok making story short. I've got my account on SoundCloud with Caustic tracks, feel free to check them out, thanks!


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I remember hearing a track

I remember hearing a track you made on SC somoe months back, this new one is smooth and pleasing to listen to. I liked it. Nice work. Keep digging into it, you will be pumping out new grooves in no time... this app can do soooooo many things..... you'll discover them soon enough... J
BTW, Welcome to the group

Andy Bones
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Nice work!

Nice work!

I agree, Caustic makes an awesome standalone music tool. You should check out all the additional instruments & synth presets available here & on Google Play if you haven't already. Many fellow users contribute to this great material.