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Problems with caustic closing.

Recently, I've been experiencing issues with caustic closing without warning when loading songs. Up until today, it only happened intermittently if I was opening a song, so it wasnt a huge deal since i had already saved. Just now, though, when i was in the middle of composing a song (I was literally more than halfway done sequencing it and automating controls) and i just put an automation on a track and it closed when i hit play. I figured, maybe it will be like usual and when i reopen it, it will be right where i left it. But, instead, it reopened to the last cached session and all my work on my track was lost (though my patterns were still there as i had saved them, but all my automations and sequencing was gone when i re loaded it).

There were a couple things i noticed before it happened:

  • My subsynth, when the pattern was stretched far enough, would start to play a stuck note over the pattern every 2 or so bars. Like, it would still be playing the pattern, but with an extra sustained note in the background. I cut it up into 2 bar chunks and it stopped.
  • The automations i had put on my PCM synth controls reset themselves randomly, though still showed as automated.

And yes, i will hopefully be releasing another song soon, given that this problem doesnt persist too much.

EDIT: Just some info on my tablet:
Acer Iconia Tab A200 running FlexReaper RELIX (a ported A500 rom, 4.0.3)
16GB internal storage WIFI only model
Unlocked ICS bootloader and rooted

Andy Bones
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This occasionally happens to

This occasionally happens to me too... I'm wondering what the problem/ solution is because the last thing you want after hours of fine-tuning & arranging live effects is for it to crash. Anyone know more?

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I've had similar problems too

I've had similar problems too. One good thing is that saving always succeeds, so I've never lost any work. It crashes sometimes when I load a song, and I have to delete the quicksave file in the Caustic folder in order to be able to load a song normally.

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I was able to reproduce the

I was able to reproduce the crash by trying to load samples in beatbox. Using the sample browser, I highlight a sample and click preview once. No sound is heard. Hit preview again and the application crashes :(

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I believe that problem is

I believe that problem is caused by trying to load a wav that caustic doesn't support (stereo or 24bit etc). I usually find it crashes after a second or so of trying to preview the sample. I bet if you press preview once it will do the same.