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Song inspiration sources (free)

I thought it would be kewl to list free sources of electronic music, I'm talking above board and no rip off sites.

I basically listen to the channels of http://www.di.fm. (Digitally Imported)

They basically have about anything you would want to listen to and get ideas from, plus it's all free.


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www.SomaFM.com has some

www.SomaFM.com has some unique content and mixes. Especially Christmas and winter season, they play the most awesome mix of a variety of holiday classics like never heard before... they include live tracklisting and links to artist info and where you can buy if you like.....

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I use tune-in radio player on

I use tune-in radio player on android a lot. It has DI channels and Soma ones in fact any style of music is on there I think. The free version is fine for listening, you'll need the pro version if you want to record. Prob best on wifi as well.

My favourite channel is DI minimal closely followed by buzzoutroom, aqua global, soma groove salad and echoes.gr

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I just start exploring

I just start exploring soundcloud when I get bored and want to listen to good music. Open to any style, bit partial to unconventional stuff.

Like artists responding back on comments, and downloadable stuff so I can listen again when I hear something interesting.