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New Soundcloud Player

Hey all,

I just updated the soundcloud player on the site to HTML5, so if anybody has any issues with it could you please post it here. If not, then this thread will just wind up down in the archives.

I did test it on my Android Jelly Bean and it works fine.


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Thanks for this Mike!

Thanks for this Mike!
I like the 'look' of the player.
Now it makes sense to upload a picture to go with the file.

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Ill try it out on the tab

Ill try it out on the tab tonight, it quit working after OS update and supposedly with downloaded flash support...... even downloading the jorrible SC app didnt make it better.

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Well, right now it is

Well, right now it is probably sketchy with some mobile devices. I figure this player is better than the Flash Player. Most devices have a decent HTML browser with most of the updated HTML specs.

Plus it's 10 times easier to add comments to the track if you are logged into your soundcloud account while listening on singlecell.

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I can't get used to it !!!

I can't get used to it !!! :P

Good job Mike.

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looks nice...but doesn't play

looks nice...but doesn't play in 'dolphin' browser that I use (used to be ok)....works ok with opera (which I rarely use)....no big deal...can work around it....glad you're actively tinkering with the site...

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