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Accessing multiple hard disks from within Caustic

Just wanted to share something that drove me bit bonkers for a while.

I have several hard disks on my windows machines that I want to access from within beatbox+pcmsynth etc

Caustic runs from the c: drive and can only see C:\Users\chris\Documents as the highest root location from within the disk browser.

My collection of single cycle synth waveforms (for me) are on drive J:\music\singleCycleWavs

​So to get access to them from within caustic I create a junction that links the J directory to the C:\Users\chris\Documents\singleCycleWavs folder like so:

start > run > cmd.exe (press enter)

in the cmd window:

cd C:\Users\chris\Documents

mklink /j singleCycleWavs j:\music\singleCycleWavs


Now when I go to Caustic and want to get at those samples, I can access C:\Users\chris\Documents\singleCycleWavs which links to my J: drive.

Hope this helps others :)


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It may be more prudent to

It may be more prudent to organize all of the samples and preset folders into one tree on one drive (maybe the larger size if you have that much content on it) to simplify your efforts, especially if you're really chugging along on a song project.

I am frequently guilty of lettingy workspace get cluttered, and am trying to maintain that better for the work that I do here.