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Matt Kwid
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"Mind's Eye" - soundtrack

So this track does not have any Caustic sounds in it but I am posting it anyway.  

I used Caustic to transpose my acoustic guitar arpeggios into midi as well as lay down some beat patterns since editing drums in Caustic for some reason seems so much better and cleaner than trying to click midi in with some type of rhythm in Reason.  I think it is probably how intuitive Caustic's pattern boxes are.  I also was able to whip up some "like sounding" synths to what I was using in Reason to work on the lead section while sitting in my car.

Caustic is a great tool for songwriting with mobile devices and is part of my music toolbox.




Created using Windows Caustic 3.0.1 and Reason.

Music from The Gordian Knot Soundtrack


Instrument Tracks:
Rhodes Piano
Moog MG-1
Acoustic Guitar
Subtractor Bass
Univox SR-55

*Moog and Bass - John Niles

Written by Matt Kwid and John Niles

Art by Zdzislaw Beksinski

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Wow matt, that is so

Wow matt, that is so beautiful. You managed to get a really big sound in this one. I'm getting more and more curios about that game of yours :).

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Hey Caustic Tracks don't have

Hey Caustic Tracks don't have to have just Caustic "Sounds" on it..... many users have discovered how to do "audio tracking" into the app and make it work.    This is incredible work man, very smooth

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Excellent work.

Excellent work.

I've been using sounds from the iMini Moog, Cassini oscillator, DM1, and even Tabletop fom my ipad on Caustic. The bare bones layout of this app lets the user layer until those bones support a completed body.

Matt Kwid
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Hey guys,

Hey guys,

Thanks for having a listen!  I took a small hiatus from the game to work on this song but I am finally getting back on track.  

I just wanted to share that while recording this song I picked up a large diaphragm mic and learned a lot about stereo micing an acoustic guitar.  I went through this list of micing techniques and the ones I used on this recording were Mono, AB, XY and Mid-Side.  Some of this work is probably only noticeable by A/B listening to the track with and without it since some of it was done to simply effect the stereo spread of the instrument - how much an instrument fills up the sides of my headphones :)

This video was also inspiring: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qq7oGenbp2I

I just watched Rej's video about Audiobus and recording live audio with Caustic.  Very exciting!