Builderz Project -- Chord Builderz Basics 1

Pcmsynth Preset


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A Chord Building scratchpad... no music theory required! The low end of the keyboard has a fundamental bass tone. Octave 4 has a duo-tone (2 note) partial chord in 5th (C and G or Eb and Bb or E and B etc.....) Octave 5 has a duo-tone partial chord in 4th (C and F or Eb and Ab or E and A etc...) Octave 6 and up has a single-note tone for fillers and/or melody line. Feel free to experiment and try out different arrangements and settings to create your own chords and tones in a new unique way, and still leave open polyphonic voices for other elements or melody, that can be used in pattern blocks AND pianoroll sequencing together (as demonstrated in my YouTube video Introduction to Builderz) Many new Builderz presets will have elements like this to create new bigger unique sounds for your Caustic tracks, wether musical elements or FX, or other strange creations, only limited by your imagination Any questions or suggestions? feel free to contact me on this forum or at EIPStudiosOhio at GMail dot Com