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record all pc audio into caustic

Occasionally I'll want to 'borrow' a sample from youtube, or spotify, or a game, or whatever (I'm not a commercial artist, most of these are for personal use or study).

I found that if you have a realtek audio system like a lot of pc's do these days, they have a built-in recording source of all audio, but it's hidden by default. Once activated, you can record whatever you want directly into caustics audio editor. Handy!




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You can also do the same with

You can also do the same with Audacity.... and monitor incoming signal before recording.




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Oh yeah! I forgot audacity

Oh yeah! I forgot audacity could do that

┬┐que onda, pachuco?

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Very helpful tip im always

Very helpful tip im always using samples,mainly sound affects though, i used to use audacity but it seemed to take away presence from my songs im not very knowledgeable with mixing and levels and bitrates etc so it may have been my fault, but i can really tell by listening to my full mix assembled in audacity, and then the individual tracks that weren't somethings just missing from it. So its good to have an alternative