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very cool vid and music!

Thought I would share this video that go pro camera made to showcase their new hero 3. I have watched it at least ten times now lol!


You guys will like this one too!

This vid explains glitch's setup


Rej - Dev
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Nice, very clean track, just

Nice, very clean track, juuust the right amount of "dubstep dirtiness" at 1:04 for my taste. The filter processing in the waves at 1:53 is cliché but the video timing is so impeccable, it sounds great.

Makes me nostalgic of downhill mountain biking like that in Squamish with my mate.

I guess I could surf over here now, but I still can't stand for more than 3 seconds. sad

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Yeah I'm curious of how he

Yeah I'm curious of how he got the strings to sound so good, unless its all sampled, which would make more sense. I'm not a big fan of dubstep but I like it when artists dip into it a bit then pull out and go back to house or breaks etc...

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Get some giga string

Get some giga string libraries and couple that with Kontakt (NI) or something similar, and you can get some incredible sounds (still alot of hard work to get all the nuances and string effects right tho too)  I did a strings project using samples (different play types) using a Korg Triton program I made, and used it for a recording for someone (I may still have an audio version somewhere I may be able to dig up) and got some good expressive tones out of it.


Cool setup those guys had.... hate to see a hard drive crash during a performance (ouch!)


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thanks for posting mechanism!


well found this which has a little bit on the gear and tools