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Hurricane Preparedness NorthEast USA

Hey you NorthEasters.... big media hype about the super killer EOTW hurricane hurtling your way... is this something you generally stay prepared for, like the Southern coast States  do?   The powers-that-be are even warning us in Ohio as west as Columbus (I'm here) about potential affects of it.   I remember the 2008 Hurricane Ike that raored thru here and caught unprepared millions off guard when most of Central Ohio was without power for weeks.  I didn't sweat it, cuz we were in good shape for a senerio like that.

I hope and pray that it dies down and doesn't put any of you up there in any real danger, but be ready regardless.


Storm tracking and study is a fascination of mine for decades.....  The July Derecho that smashed thru Northern states was interesting to track and watch...

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New York is hit bad, just

New York is hit bad, just awful :(