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Gloomer vs Jay30k - They Are You [Alpha EP + Beta EP] FREE DOWNLOAD

Hey everyone here at SingleCell/Caustic

I'm a new member, recenlty invited to the forum.
This has nothing to do with the app but I would like to share my new EP:

Out now for free: The Alpha & Beta EP's of “Gloomer vs Jay30k - They Are You”

Each EP includes four remixes by other talented artists.
Alpha EP: Strange Substance – Scopes – Mark van Rijswijk – Ajna
Beta EP: Drone – Bas Kuijpers – Tesselode – Blue-Se7en

Be sure to check them out and get your free copies right now!

Alpha EP:

Beta EP:

Dowload the Alpha EP: https://www.dropbox.com/s/591qsw63e6mbltw/Gloomer%20vs%20Jay30k%20-%20Th...

Download the Beta EP: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hrzhwxsu9lhvtsi/Gloomer%20vs%20Jay30k%20-%20Th...


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Nice work there.... what

Nice work there.... what tools did you use with these remixes?  Believe it or not Caustic can do all of this and more..... and the app's potential keeps getting better as new releases come out, and there is some good stuff coming.

This was good fun to listen to, glad to have you part of the SCS Community....J

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I can only take account for

I can only take account for the first track on each EP, wich I wrote and produced. The other remixes were part of a remix contest we organized.

I used FL Studio and some third party soft instruments like Addictive Drums, Firebird, Z3ta.

Vocals were also recorded with FL. I use a G-track Samson Microphone and the plugins Izotope Nectar, Melodyne and others to get that studio sound in the vocals.

Maybe it's an idea to drop the stems/vocal tracks here for some Caustic remixes, that is, if you guys are interested in doing a remix of my song...

Let me know!