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Synthy Melody-Based song.

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Think this song could go far, but no idea what to do with it :P

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That's a melody, not a song!

That's a melody, not a song! ;-)

The first pattern sounds a bit strange, the second one is better and would be good as a lead melody in some kind of chorus or something like that.

Next you'd like to search for a harmonic synth, like a pad synth or an organ, to emphasize the chords and harmonies. For that it's recommended to synchronize the tones of your melody with those of your chords. So if you want to have a a-minor chord (consisting of the tones a,c,e) you should preferably use these three tones, with the focus on a, as it's the base tone of the chord. In the version I made out of your melody, you can see that right in the first bar, where I used exactly this chord in the organ synth and changed your melody to fit these harmonics. That doesn't mean you have to exactly stick to this pattern, in fact you never should only focus on fullfilling these guidelines. As harmonics theory is quite complex, I recommend you just keeping this in mind when writing your melodies to your harmonics (normally I write the chord progression first, and then melodies etc) and trying around with it, you'll figure out what sounds nice and what doesn't if you do that long enough ;-)

After that you maybe want a beat or something similiar. I added a standard beat with kick on beats 1/2/3/4 and snares on 2/4. However you can adjust this beat to your melodies. Just be original. Use a drumkit that fits to what you want to do. I used a trance drumkit as it's the genre my version fits to.

There are two points I normally focus on during composition: The first one is synth design. Don't use these old boring presets! They are nice to see how it works and sometimes usefull as a template, but I rarely use them. Think of which sound would fit best. When I heard your melody, I thought about a plucky lead, like used in my version. I can highly recommend Rej's tutorials, where he explains the synth and effect types perfectly. After practicing a bit, you should get a feeling of how to achieve sounds. Looking into other users projects helps a lot ;-D

The second thing is the structure of the song. When I started making music I basically wrote what came to my mind. That's not bad, however, it was quite chaotic. It's better to think about what your song shall look like in the end, so you have some guidelines during development. I thought about some kind of chilly trance, so I decided to write a short buildup, a chorus, a little break, and a second chorus (heavily shortened due to few time :D) That's quite basic, but during writing that, you can still get new ideas, add little things,... In the end you'll have something you can call a song (and which is completely different from what you planned)  :) I recommend spending a bit more time on a song, as good ideas need their time :)


I hope that'll help you a bit to make your shiny melodies to songs in the future. However, please do not stick to this guide to hard! You have to find a good path between structure and improvisation to get a good song.

The little song I made out of your melody is not intended to be used as the basic for a complete song, more as something you can learn from. Just ask any further questions, I'm happy to help! :D

Have a nice day, Alpha Yui :)

Caustic Song file (optional): 

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